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Why Choose Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy is a pain-free, non-surgical approach to relief from soft tissue injury or chronic pain that works by stimulating and accelerating the body’s natural healing processes. Unlike most pharmaceutical solutions low intensity laser therapy is curative rather than simply masking the symptoms.

Low Intensity Laser Therapy improves and cures multiple pathologies in the shortest possible period of time while achieving the following goals:

  • Absence of pain.
  • Eliminate the need for drugs.
  • Restoration of mobility (normal range of motion)
  • Improve quality of life (activity levels, sleep, etc.)
  • Reduce the need for surgical intervention.

Treatments are usually scheduled 2-3 times a week or more frequently in acute cases, at least initially. With regard to the number of treatment sessions, these may vary from 1 to 30. A minimum of 3 treatments is recommended. 

How Many Treatments Will I Need ?

Typically only 4-5 treatments are required for acute injuries and 10 to 15 treatments for chronic conditions is usually recommended. Treatments are scheduled two to three times per week or more frequently in acute cases, at least initially. Each treatment is unique to the individual requirements, and subsequent treatments are scheduled in accordance with the patient’s status. It is important to be aware that before treatment is initiated that the exact number of treatments cannot be predicted. Most clients see noticeable improvement in symptoms with 1-3 treatments. There are however exceptions to this rule.

What Can I Treat With Low Level Laser Therapy?

Low Level Laser Therapy is the treatment of choice for numerous ailments and conditions including:


Carpal tunnel syndrome                Tennis elbow                         Repetitive strain injuries 

 Rotator cuff injury                       TMJ syndrome                       Fibromyalgia


Ligament and muscle tears             Facet joint syndrome               Fractures with associated                  Contusions

Soft tissue injuries                            Whiplash                                Bulging and herniated discs


Tendonitis                          Myositis                            Synovitis (inflammed joint)                          Bursitis

Plantar fasciitis                  Rheumatoid arthritis


Patella Femoral Syndrome               Osteoarthritis                  Calcifications (bone spurs)              Spinal stenosis


Discogenic and vertebrogenic Radiculopathy                            Bell’s palsy                              Sciatica

Nerve impingement Trigeminal neuralgia                                   Peripheral nerve damage

Other applications:

Gout                                                 Bed Sores                                                                 Remodeling of dermal lesions (keloid scars, etc.)

Psoriasis                                           Eczema Burns: thermal or chemical                      Acne, acne rosacea 

 Neuropathies                                   Wound healing (acute & chronic)                          Lymphedema Diabetic ulcers   

What About Side Effects?

Low intensity laser therapy is non-toxic, non-invasive, and in over one million individual treatments no significant adverse effects have been noted.

Some patients have experienced exacerbation of pain and tiredness subsequent to treatment. If this occurs, utilize pain medication, and/or ice on the area of involvement and notify the therapist prior to/at the next treatment. The existence of this phenomenon is due to a high sensitivity tissue response and protocols will be adjusted accordingly on your next visit. A dull achy sensation subsequent to treatment lasting less than 24 hours indicates that your tissues are reacting positively on a cellular level with the low intensity laser energy. Known contraindications to treatment: directly over the abdomen (fetus) during pregnancy, directly over the thymus gland, directly over a tatoo, patients on photo-sensitive medications, cancer and radiation therapy patients (as they should only be treated by specialists). Laser cannot cause cancer, has no cytogenic effects and does not damage tissues. 

What Else Can Laser Therapy Help Me With?

In addition to Low Level Laser Therapy, Muskoka Massage & Laser also offers Acu-Laser Therapy.

The application of laser therapy on acupuncture points results in the seretonin receptors in the brain to become saturated, and thus eliminating cravings, and inducing a general feeling of mental wellness. It is a very effective treatment for smoking cessation, and any other addictions. It aids in weight loss, as well as depression, anxiety, stress reduction, and fibromyalgia. The infrared laser is non invasive (no needles), and free of side effects.

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